Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter
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Aaron Carter has broken down in tears on Australian radio today about his relationships and announcement that he is bisexual.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM, Carter was speaking about his most recent girlfriend and that relationship ended at the time when he decided to announce that he was bisexual.

“She didn’t like me coming out and saying that I’m pretty much a bi-curious man,” said Carter to Kiis FM Sydney.


“She knew. She had had relationships with girls herself and had told me that and I can’t get in trouble for that because that’s the truth.

“I felt like I was being used a little

“When I said I wanted to make this announcement she freaked out, stormed out and walked out on me and just left me.

It was at this point he tried to explain how upset he was and that he didn’t want it to happen, and he sounded visibly upset and took 20 seconds to pull himself together.

“I feel like I’m at a therapy session right now guys.”

Teenage Aaron Carter
Teenage Aaron Carter

Carter’s appearance on the show followed his announcement a few weeks ago that he is bisexual. This followed the death of his loved Father eight weeks ago.

“There’s been a lot of talk about my sexuality, I never really intended for my comments to come across as some sort of big announcement,” Carter continued.

“I believe that people should be free to be who they are and I will also support the LGBTQ community.

“And I’m going to support everyone’s rights.”

Last Updated on Aug 21, 2017

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