Mr Gay Belgium 2018 Bart Hesters (Supplied)
Mr Gay Belgium 2018 Bart Hesters (Supplied)
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Mr Gay World has lost one of its highly fancied delegates on the eve of the competition opening in Cape Town South Africa.

Mr Gay Belgium 2018 Bart Hesters was expected to figure strongly in this year’s world finals but has had to withdraw from the competition, with two days to spare, due to doctors orders.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Hesters said he was extremely happy with the support he has received this year but he had some sad news that means he won’t be heading to Cape Town


“Monday I was hospitalized in the hospital with serious medical problems, where the doctors have forbidden me to fly to South Africa for me so immediately ended,” Hesters wrote on Facebook.

“I was really looking forward to this adventure because I’ve been living here for a whole year and I’ve been really working on this.

“You can imagine that this news is very heavy on me.

“My Health is going for now and therefore I’m going to focus on getting better for the next two weeks.”

Under the rules of individual country’s engagement in Mr Gay World, if the first placed delegate from a country is unable to attend then the place is then offered to the first runner-up, in this case, Belgium’s new delegate ill now be Nick Van Vooren.

Nick Van Vooren - Firstrunner-up Mr Gay Belgium 2018 (Instagram)
Nick Van Vooren – First runner-up Mr Gay Belgium 2018 (Instagram)

Similarly, on his Facebook wall, Van Vooren accepted the challenge even if he has only had two days to prepare.

“48 hours ago I was still cooking unsuspecting, now, after two swirling days full of typing, studying, packing, driving around, calling, e-mail, etc I have everything together for Mr Gay World,” Van Nooren wrote on Facebook.

“I would also like to thank everyone for the many support. It means incredibly much to see that you are behind me.

“Let’s bring this title home, not for me, but for Bart Hesters.”

Hesters showed his support for the new Belgium delegate wishing him all the best.

“Wednesday we decided together that Nick, our 1st Runnerup, can and wants to replace me at such a short time.”

“I support Nick so much, so it would be nice to support Nick with as much enthusiasm to represent our country in South Africa.”

Nick Van Vooren will join 23 other Mr Gay World delegates when the competition begins on Sunday in Cape Town.

Mr Gay World in Cape Town South Africa from April 28 to May 4 and Gay Nation will be there to cover all the action.

Last Updated on Apr 27, 2019

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