Mr Gay Panama Iann Carlos Jaén (Instagram)
Mr Gay Panama Iann Carlos Jaén (Instagram)
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When your friend contracts AIDS and is classed as illegal by his home country, with no papers so when he flees to another country he is a “nobody” and then dies illegal and in fear of returning to his home that does not want him you have a sense that we deserve better, and that’s why Iann Carlos Jaén has chosen Mr Gay World as the inspiring powerful platform to help him do something.

The 25-year-old Mr Gay Panama was himself bullied and discriminated against in Panama and has had to move countries to live the life he wants.

“Gay marriage, civil unions in Panama as in many other countries are still not existent,” Jaén explained to Gay Nation.


“At the present time, I am married to a German man. While in Germany I have the same rights my husband has, we have a family name but Panama wouldn´t recognize it when we come to Panama or any other country where is not recognized our marriage, this fades.

“I left looking for a better life; which I have now.

“Now that my life is better I can´t just move on without doing anything about people out there having it not easy, I think about how amazing would be that LGBTI people live in equality and harmony with the rest of the society.

Mr Gay Panama Iann Carlos Jaén (Instagram)
Mr Gay Panama Iann Carlos Jaén (Instagram)

Jaén is in the process of writing a book and while he was researching communities he came across the fabulous opportunity of joining Mr Gay World.

“I see Mr Gay World 2019 as a powerful and important platform that can help to connect, to have the opportunity to send a message to our communities, influence them, do greater things and make others lives better.

I´m going to be part of something great; i believe that, I’m going to meet the other delegates and know their stories, share with them and the organization, collaborate on doing good to people, that makes me happy the most, I found something I want to do /dedicate the rest of my life, and I love it, that is totally exciting.”

Mr Gay Panama Iann Carlos Jaén (Instagram)
Mr Gay Panama Iann Carlos Jaén (Instagram)

Mr Gay Panama will join 23 others from around the globe for Mr Gay World in Cape Town South Africa from April 28 to May 4 and Gay Nation will be there to cover all the action.

Last Updated on Apr 28, 2019

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