Hamilton Summers Body Positivity
Hamilton Summers
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Being body positive is more powerful today than it’s ever been.

Confidence in your own skin and showcasing that to the world is radiating and captivating.

It’s so easy to fall into negativity and body issues, particularly in a social media-driven environment where you log onto apps and there it is, body shaming, typecasting (too fem, must be fit etc.)


I’ve never been one to label or stereotype individuals. But when you log onto all these apps and see all this, thoughts start to wonder. Do I fit into these categories? Am I feminine, do I need to beef up? Was I falling into the trap? Here I was thinking am I in this category, do I fit into this box?

Perhaps now I’m self-categorising myself. For a while yeh maybe I did. I need to work out and become fitter, and for what for, to validate that yes I’m a Twink or a gym bunny.

Hamilton Summers Body Positive

That lightbulb moment came, if I had to keep up an appearance to become attractive to someone, is it even worth it.

You soon realise your self-worth and self-love that comes along when you grow into yourself. Loving your body and embracing it, is what I find most appealing.

That confidence and aura when you walk into a room is infectious to be around. Of course, living a healthy lifestyle is important and balance is key.

I always do things with confidence with the intent to inspire and empower those around me as I truly believe in my motto good times and good vibes.

Being happy rubs off on people. We in our community must accept our differences and promote happiness, positivity, health and wellbeing, we are born to rock our look, for the world to see. As a finalist in Mr Gay Pride Australia, I want to bring out the confidence and beauty of each person to be themselves and flaunt their birthday suit at any given situation.

I will continue to be an advocate for positive body image and self-love in the years ahead, letting everyone be aware of their worth.

My big push is proposing a Pride event in my local council and establishing a strong foundation for the LGBTQI community in Western Sydney for everyone to feel welcomed and celebrated for who they are.

Hamilton Summers

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