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Mathew Tyack
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Mental Health Stigma is still amongst us and has become one of the most openly discussed health issues of our day and age. Among the Australian LGBTIQ community, the figures for youth suicide are higher than the general population. In fact, LGBTIQ young people between 16-27 years of age are five times more likely to commit suicide due to factors such as abuse and harassment. And even more shocking, attempted suicide rates are closer to three times this, at 16%. (According to the National LGBT Health Alliance 2020). These figures are far too high – There is more we can do.

My goal is to create a mentoring network to help LGBTIQ teens and youths struggling with their identities to build out their business ideas. Fortunately, in Australia we are lucky enough to turn almost any business idea into a reality and there are little boundaries. Myself, now having built a few online businesses combined with recognition amongst my peers in the industry, have the ability to build upon these ideas to help mentor members of the community. We will focus energy positively and constructively into growing small business. This initiative will not only build confidence and a business acumen but teach core skills such as negotiating, communication, marketing and customer service, to name just a few.

From selling artwork, poetry or photography online to clothing, accessories or even creating the newest tech start-up, the economic benefits for our community and the wider community are countless.


Being a part of Mr Gay Pride Australia will help assist, drive and build this initiative. This is not going to be an easy road and challenges will come upon us. The end game here is to reduce the statistics. This is my place in this world where I can help save lives, mentor, inspire and bring passions to life as well as help connect with the LGBTIQ community to grow, share and transfer the pride that I have within myself.

Last Updated on Mar 12, 2020

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