Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno (Youtube)
Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno (Youtube)
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Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno has released the first video in a brand new web-series tackling issues within the LGBTI community.

In the opening video, Jordan tackles ‘Bottom Shaming’, a topic that hits at the heart of discrimination in the gay community both online and in the clubs.

Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno (Youtube) Bottom Shaming
Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno (Youtube)

“Its an uncomfortable topic, essentially bottom shaming is someone makes fun of and looks down on people who prefer to bottom in bed rather than top,” explains Jordan at the start of his video.


The current Mr Gay World and Mr Gay Pride Australia 2018 goes in search of the reasons to why people are shamed for being a bottom.

“The thing I don’t get is bottoming requires a lot of work and can be painful,” said Jordan.

“You’re also being extremely vulnerable and opening yourself up to someone literally and metaphorically.

“Shouldn’t we admire and reward these traits instead of putting them down, why do we do the opposite.”

Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno with Psychologist Stephen Sharratt (Youtube)

Produced by Story One as part of Jordan Bruno’s year as Mr Gay World, Jordan also asks Psychologist Stephen Sharratt why do people bottom shame.

He also goes to the clubs and asks both bottoms and tops their thoughts on why bottom shaming is an issue.

Check out the first in the webseries below on your gay nation.

Last Updated on Oct 15, 2018

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