Mr Gay Brazil Vitor Trindade de Castro (Supplied)
Mr Gay Brazil Vitor Trindade de Castro (Supplied)
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He has a Spanish husband, works in his own business and considers himself a fitness fanatic, but Mr. Gay Brazil Vitor Trindade de Castro wants to change the perception of being gay in his country and he feels even just attending Mr. Gay World will help achieve that.

The 27-year-old grew up in a small town called Quarai in the south of Brazil before moving to Sao Paolo where he lives today.

Speaking with eikon through translations, de Castro said that being gay is not just about having arched eyebrows.


“That gay guy also practices sports, studies, and works,” de Castro explained.

“In Brazil, many people have the vision of gay as a bad person. Many families sometimes pretend to accept gay just because they help at home with money.

“So I want to give strength to the people who live undergoing this kind of abuse from families.”

Mr Gay Brazil Vitor Trindade de Castro (Supplied)
Mr. Gay Brazil Vitor Trindade de Castro (Supplied)

De Castro certainly has one huge advantage over the majority of contestants in this year’s Mr. Gay World competition, he knows Spain, the host country for the event, very well.

“I went to Madrid on vacation and met my husband, Marcelo Costa, with whom I am married for three years.

“We are always between Brazil and Madrid. Spain I love being in love with this country.

“Having the opportunity to know more about Madrid and Maspalomas is a dream. I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it all a lot.”

It is clear de Castro loves his sports and keeping fit and he believes his charisma will be a huge bonus when it comes time for voting at Mr. Gay World.

“I consider myself a fitness person. I train every day and I follow a controlled diet. But I also really like going to the movies with my husband and friends.

“All the guys in the contest look very nice. It will be fun to meet everyone.

Mr Gay Brazil Vitor Trindade de Castro (Supplied)
Mr. Gay Brazil Vitor Trindade de Castro (Supplied)

I think that because we are participating, we are already Winners.

“To win I have to be able to represent and help GLBT to feel protected and very well represented.

“I will be prepared and will do everything I can to be chosen Mr. Gay World 2017.

Vitor Trindade de Castro is one of 20 delegates heading to the Mr. Gay World finals to be held in Spain from 5-10 May.

For more information visit our special Mr. Gay World page including videos and where to vote for your favourite.

Eikon will be live from Madrid and Maspalomas through the entire Mr. Gay World competition so to stay in touch follow us across our social media here.

Last Updated on May 1, 2017

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