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This week I’m going to go over a few different muscle gaining tips to help you grow those biceps for the boys or biceps for the girls… I’m also going to cover the craze with protein and why our body needs it 🙂

Ben’s Training Tips – Compound vs Isolation Exercises 

Compound exercises 


Compound exercises - Eikon Health and Fitness

Compound exercises are used to refer to exercises such as the dead lift, bench press, squat and pull up. Compound exercises are an exercise that uses multiple muscles and joints at once, using more energy and getting more out of your workout. Compound exercises are always best to start your workout with as you are fresh and have the most energy at the beginning of your routine.

Isolation exercises 

Isolation exercises - Eikon Health and Fitness

Isolation exercises are used to refer to those such as the bicep curl, leg extension or triceps push down. Isolation exercises focus on one specific muscle group. These kinds of exercises are best done after you have completed your compound exercises so you can focus on one specific area you would like to grow.

 Ben’s Nutrition Tip 

Nutrition Tip - Eikon Health and Fitness

Protein What is it and what does it really do? Protein is an end product of the smaller chain of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids all making up the complete protein nutrient.

There are some foods such as vegan meals that have protein, but not all of the 20 amino acids, these are called incomplete proteins.

A good variety of protein intake will ensure you are getting all of the 20 amino acids. Protein’s main job is to help repair damaged muscle tissue from exercising in the gym.

Protein is also used as a last resort fuel source when your body has used all of its carbohydrates for energy for exercising over the hour long mark.

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Last Updated on Mar 11, 2015

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