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A letter by the Russian State media regulator Roskomnadzor has been written to the youth wing of the ruling United Russia party, calling for an investigation into gay emojis on social media.

In April 2015 Apple released its new array of emojis that included same-sex families, and same-sex couples holding hands and kissing.

According to a local news report translated by Vocativ, Roskomnadzor has claimed the emojis that Apple recently unveiled in April are part of and contribute to the “spread on social media of non-traditional sexual relations among minors,”



The emojis may violate Russia’s gay “propaganda” ban, which President Vladimir Putin signed into law in 2013.

The National regulator continued to say that the emojis “deny family values” and “form disrespect for parents and other family members.”

The Young Guard say they will investigate further once they have received they letter.

Checkout our Putin Emojis … All joking aside, Russia appears to be on a slippery slope, its human rights record is horrific and things seem to just be getting worse.

The LGBTIQ community in Russia lives in fear every day with discriminatory and homophobic laws being imposed on the population this makes it extremely difficult if not impossible for people to simply live their lives and be them selves.

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Last Updated on Sep 29, 2015

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