Sam Smith and Disclosure ahead of the debut single
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Openly-gay singer Sam Smith has posted a photo to Instagram detailing his affections for the film “Holding the Man” about a love affair between two young men.

Holding The Man. I’m going to try to put this into a short paragraph. But I could talk about this all day. I can’t tell you all enough how much this book and film have meant to me over the past half a year. This project and piece of work is the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen. As a gay man, it’s very difficult sometimes to find films that I can properly and truly relate to. Although I can’t relate to the awfully sad ending to Tim and Johns story. The most powerful thing for me was how this book captured what it’s like to grow up gay and all those confusing scary and amazing moments I had coming out and realising who I was. And THIS FILM has captured that, and has captured Tim and Johns story so perfectly. PLEASE watch this film when you can. And please spread the word. I long for the day when there are way more films about gay relationships, straight relationships, bisexual and transgender relationships and life stories. But for now support THIS film. Because this book and film pretty much changed my life. Hope I kept it to a short paragraph. Big up to my boys @rycorr and @craigmstott and Neil Armfield and everyone involved xx all my love xx oh and thank you to my bezzie @trentoz for introducing me to this, I love you x

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The film is based on the acclaimed memoir of the same name written by Timothy Conigrave telling the story of his relationship with John Caleo.


Smith says the film and book has changed his life and he cannot fully express how much they have meant to him.

Smith says it can be difficult as a gay man to find stories or films he can properly relate to.

Although he cannot relate to the tragic ending to the memoir, he says the most powerful thing about the story is how it captures what it is like to “grow up gay”.

He wrote that the film has accurately depicted the confusing and scary moments of coming to realise who you are, as well capturing Tim and John’s story “so perfectly”.

He encouraged anyone to spread the word and to watch the film when they can.

He also says he hopes for the day when there are more films about queer relationships but, in the meantime, supports this film.

The film follows the lives of Timothy and John throughout the highs and lows of their fifteen year relationship.

The story deals with many social issues that gay men encounter at a time when the then-unknown HIV epidemic was coming into fruition.

The memoir has been widely acclaimed and has also been adapted for the theatre by screenwriter Tommy Murphy.

The film was first screened on June 14 as part of the Sydney Film Festival, and is now playing as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival in cities throughout the country.

For more information and viewing times, see the New Zealand International Film Festival website.

Last Updated on Jul 31, 2015

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