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A recent study has shown that gay men are statistically more likely to be dissatisfied or unhappy with their bodies compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

With a staggering 44% of gay men indicating that they are dissatisfied with their weight and a disturbing 45% also stating that they were unhappy with their muscle tone, many gay and bisexual men feel added pressure when it comes to their body, weight, and image.

According to a recent study published on kennethinthe212.com, 77% of gay men felt that they were being judged purely by their looks with many saying they feel the pressure to live up to the unobtainable and unrealistic expectations of men who appear in magazines and on television.



Unfortunately as a result, of this perceived added pressure, 37% gay men feel the need to engage in often unhealthy and unmaintainable diets with over 50% engaging in exercise regimes with the single goal of weight-loss and image.

According to Traci Mann, who teaches psychology at the University of Minnesota, extreme sugarless, or paleo diets are an ineffective and unhealthy method of weight-loss, mainly down to one’s inability to maintain the extreme and often unachievable restrictions placed on their daily food consumption.

The recent study highlights that the focus on exercise and weight-loss needs to be shifted from one’s body image to promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Exercising to increase your ability, health, fitness, and lifespan, while adapting eating behaviours and habits to include a range of food groups in moderation as opposed to unrealistically eliminating food groups entirely from your diet.


Last Updated on Mar 11, 2016

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