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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has signaled her intentions to change her party’s policy on same-sex marriage during an interview with Germany’s bestselling women’s magazine, Brigitte.

Unlike in Australia where the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull again has dismissed the idea of a private members bill and a free vote on the floor of the house before his next election, Merkel’s change in tone have caused some in the German Parliament suggest the marriage equality vote could effectively be held within days or at least before the German Election in September.

In a wide-ranging interview, Merkel tackled all aspects of her government’s agenda including asylum seekers, the economy, relationships with world leaders and that awkward moment with Donald Trump in the White House.


But it was towards the end of the 90-minute interview when a gay man challenged the Chancellor on the issue of same-sex marriage: He said that he wanted to know when he would finally be allowed to refer to his registered partner as “my husband.”

Merkel replied that she had noticed that all other parties in the Bundestag were in favor of same-sex marriage and that the idea of gay marriage enjoyed widespread support among German voters.

And then she dropped an unexpected political bombshell: Merkel said she “hopes” that the debate will shift “into the direction of a decision of conscience.”

In non-political speak this means that there could soon be a vote in the Bundestag without party whip control on the issue, suggesting that same-sex marriage may only be months away from becoming a legal reality in Germany.

Social Democrat candidate for Chancellor Martin Schulz has now come out to call Angela Merkel’s election bluff on gay marriage.

Schultz is now saying his party would like to rush it through the Bundestag before September’s election.

Last Updated on Jun 28, 2017

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