Noah Wilson and Charlie Carver - (Supplied: Noah TV)
Noah Wilson and Charlie Carver - (Supplied: Noah TV)
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Teen Wolf star Charlie Carver has jumped right into the Halloween spirit, showing off his costume choices in a fun video with young Hollywood reporter Noah Wilson.

The actor publicly came out as gay to his over 700 thousand Instagram followers by writing an essay in the caption spaces beneath a series of five pictures of the phrase, “Be who you needed when you were younger.”

The star has been a little shy in discussing his coming out but this video certainly sees the star come out of his shell.


In this visit to a famous Hollywood costume shop, Carver arrived dressed in a skeleton t-shirt and soon took over the costumes from Frozen and Thor.

Noah Wilson and Charlie Carver - (Supplied: Noah TV)
Noah Wilson and Charlie Carver – (Supplied: Noah TV)

Youtube host Noah Wilson spoke with eikon he had been wanting to do a video at a Halloween store for some time and thought Carver would be perfect.

“I knew right off Charlie is the one because we all know Charlie is the sweetest and he has the personality that everybody loves,” Wilson explained to eikon.

“I thought Charlie Carver would be PERFECT.”

Noah Wilson and Charlie Carver - (Supplied: Noah TV)
Noah Wilson and Charlie Carver – (Supplied: Noah TV)

Wilson has been making Youtube videos since 2011 and has interviewed celebrities since he was eight.

“I say you can interview any celebrity you want,” said Wilson.

“It just depends on their schedule and the right people you contact to be able to get the star on your show.”

Filming in a very busy Hollywood costume shop around the time of Halloween can bring up substantial challenges but Carver and Wilson seemed to get through it without too many public interruptions.

“You would think for a shoot where you would go into a store and try on a couple of Halloween costumes for a video would only take 25 minutes.

“It took about an hour to film the entire segment.

“Once I walked into the store I was blown away. They have so many neat things to go with your Halloween costume and so many Halloween costumes that I LOVED that I found in the store.

“If your ever in the California area you must stop at Hollywood Toys & Costumes. You will be amazed!”

Apart from Teen Wolf and appearances around the world at Comic-Con, Carver has a number of TV shows and films coming out in the next two years.

If you would like to see more youtube videos just like the one with Carver visit Noah TV here.


Last Updated on Oct 17, 2016

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