Nicholas Hamilton featured in Behind the Blinds Magazine (Photo: Yana Yatsuk)
Nicholas Hamilton featured in Behind the Blinds Magazine (Photo: Yana Yatsuk)
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Australian singer, songwriter and actor Nicholas Hamilton has used his social media to encourage people to get vaccinated after he has been struck down with the delta variant of Covid-19 on his return to Los Angeles in the past few weeks.

The 21-year-old had returned to LA after visiting Australia to see attend some fan events and have his 21st birthday. On his return to America, he actually managed to have his first covid vaccine injection but unfortunately was struck down with the virus a week later, one short of getting his second jab and being fully vaccinated.

After being overcome by the full force of the delta variant symptoms, Hamilton used his Instagram story to encourage everyone to get vaccinated.


“My life was good for a bit…..for a second it was cool then I got covid,” Hamilton explained on his Instagram story.

“Then I got very sick. It kind of fucked everything over a little bit.

“All jokes aside, go get vaccinated cuz this delta variant which I had is no joke I really was down and out for about fourish days, fifth day of my symptoms right now and I’m only now just getting better.

Nicholas Hamilton (Instagram)
Nicholas Hamilton (Instagram)

“It was an awful awful time. So go get vaccinated, go tell your friends and family to get vaccinated because they don’t want this. It’s not fun.”

The openly gay actor has appeared in Captain Fantastic as Rellian and as Henry Bowers in It and It: Chapter Two, the love story Endless and more recently was also a walk-on character named Charlie in Love, Victor season two.

Nicholas Hamilton in the movie Endless
Nicholas Hamilton in the movie Endless

In a Stay Vibrant magazine article in January, Hamilton talked about having a boring coming out story and that he doesn’t want ‘being gay’ to define who he is.

“I’m incredibly lucky to have quite a boring coming out story,” Hamilton said to Stay Vibrant. “My mum and dad found out on the same day, and were both widely accepting of me and who I am, and the rest of my family and friends followed.

“I’ve also never really cared to come out publicly. Not as a result of shame or guilt or anything like that, more because I don’t want it to define me.

“The world is moving in the right direction, in the fact that sexuality and gender labels are beginning to matter less, but we’ve still got a long way to go in that regard. I can’t see myself ever posting a photo of me holding a rainbow flag in my Instagram feed, with 7 paragraphs detailing my coming out, but I’ve also never shied away from tweeting exactly how I feel about a hot boy, or sharing an Instagram story about The American Red Cross’s antiquated blood donation laws.

“If someone wanted to know if I was gay, a quick google search would confirm their assumptions, and I think that’s enough.”

Nicholas Hamilton as Charlie in Love, Victor season 2.
Nicholas Hamilton as Charlie in Love, Victor season 2.

Hamilton had only released his new song Pretty Young just two weeks ago in which he looks back at his own transition from teenager to twentysomething, a period that saw him moving halfway across the globe to pursue his passion for acting and now singing.


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“Pretty young single and music video out now,” Hamilton proclaimed on Instagram.

“This is such an important song to me, please take a few minutes out of your day to click the link in my bio and have a watch/listen. If you like it, tell a friend!”

The young actor has just finished filming Snapchat coming-of-age drama series Action Royale and has been cast opposite Jared Harris (Chernobyl) in Brave The Dark, a Good Will Hunting-like drama directed by Harris’ brother Damian, slated to commence filming in Philadelphia before the end of the year.


Last Updated on Jul 23, 2021

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