O Bar and Dining - View of the harbour at night (Supplied)
O Bar and Dining - View of the harbour at night (Supplied)
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Anyone that has been to Sydney acknowledges the Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful sights in the world and many of our fellow LGBT family will have explored the harbour and city during the recent Mardi Gras celebrations.

One of the best ways to see the harbour is from above, combine that with stunning food and the perfect drink and you have found O Bar and Dining, situated 47 floors above the streets of Sydney.

Now, this isn’t any ordinary dining establishment but a place to truly take in the sights of Sydney on a revolving floor that allows you to watch the Sydney Ferries crisscrossing the harbour on one side and then sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the other, all without lifting your feet.

Sunset at O Bar and Dining (Supplied)
Sunset at O Bar and Dining (Supplied)

And it’s certainly a hidden gem. The restaurant sits atop the Australia Square building in George Street, and to the uneducated observer, just looks like any other office building, albeit circular, but once you step onto the revolving deck the choice of fine-dining or a relaxing bar menu gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy.

Chef and Owner Michael Moore said O Bar and Dining is an unexpected journey of contemporary dining inspired by a healthy eating philosophy; as unique as it is delicious.

“The menu was born out of my personal experience living with diabetes and managing this through food and lifestyle,” Chef Moore explained to eikon.

“After my health scare, I made a conscious move towards healthy choice dining with a focus on sustainable, locally sourced whole foods that are low GI, low sugar and low in saturated fat.

“The aim was to combine my experience as a diabetic with my knowledge as a chef and subtly ‘repackage’ healthy eating in a contemporary, fine dining environment without compromising on integrity and flavour, fun and enjoyment.

“To be honest if we didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t really know you’re eating ‘healthy’ food.”

And he’s right, the food tastes so good you don’t even give consideration to how healthy it is and there are some dishes on the menu that will truly make your mouth water.

Moore believes it’s hard to single out a favourite dish as he is always creating new and exciting dishes.

“One of my personal favourites is our Glazed King Salmon with white Miso, sweetcorn paste, furikake, baby red cos, smoked soy & basil.”

And as the sun sets on another perfect Sydney day, O Bar and Dining comes alive with the lights of the city and people sharing their amazing experiences on social media, to the delight of the team.

“Of course it is rewarding to see a customer’s empty plate, however, social media has really become a positive feedback outlet for both chefs and the O Bar team,” explained Chef Moore.

“Creative Instagram food and drink posts allow us to see the fruits of our labour and that we are successful at what we do.”

O Bar and Dining City View

It’s a whole process for the team of chefs at O Bar and Dining, their day starts early at farmer’s markets choosing the best quality produce for the dishes that night.

“We go to farmers markets where we have a relationship with the suppliers, the growers and the produce that is purchased.

“This allows for the type of variety that you don’t see every day at your typical grocery stores and restaurants— including micro herbs and other sustainable, locally grown foods.

“For the chefs at O Bar, we don’t just work with food—we build a connection and understanding of the food we serve.”

Whether you make it to Sydney for next year’s Mardi Gras, head in to a show or just want to go somewhere for pre-party drinks then I suggest giving O Bar and Dining a try.

O Bar and Dining – Level 47 Australia Square, 264 George Street, Sydney – www.obardining.com.au

This writer was a guest of O Bar and Dining in preparation for writing this article.

Last Updated on Mar 14, 2017

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