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He’s been teasing us for days that his next music video would drop on Inauguration Day, and then Troye Sivan went early.

The Australian music genius has today released the music video for Heaven, a track from his 2015 Blue Neighbourhood album but one that he has said is the most important he has ever made.

Troye Sivan in HEAVEN (YouTube)
Troye Sivan in HEAVEN (YouTube)

The song stood out on his first album for haunting lyrics and pointers to the stigma of growing up gay.


The video continues the theme, shot in black n white by Director Luke Gilford, and featuring pop vocalist Betty Who. Sivan is showered with water which allows for some stunning shots and enhances the brilliant lyrics.

It intersperses clips from historic LGBTQ moments in history with Sivan embracing and then being embraced by a strong taller male, whose face is never shown, only to kiss Sivan towards the end of the clip.

Troye Sivan in HEAVEN (YouTube)
Troye Sivan embraces male in HEAVEN (YouTube)

In an interview with OUT, Sivan explained that “Heaven” was a therapeutic experience: “It was me thinking about how hard I try to be a good person and then feeling like, before I even opened my eyes as a little baby—because I think I was born gay—I was a sinner,” he said to OUT.

“All of those are very standard, but very confusing and hurtful conversations that you have to have with yourself as an LGBTQ person.”

Troye Sivan in HEAVEN (YouTube)
Troye Sivan in HEAVEN (YouTube)

Many on twitter have suggested the unidentified male was none other than Sivan’s current boyfriend Jacob Bixenman. In the final few frames, Sivan looks up at the male and gives a cheeky smile suggesting he may well be.

Following the launch Bixenman tweeted a picture of himself and Sivan with just one word HEAVEN.

Last Updated on Jan 20, 2017

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