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Actors Konrad Ydhage and Olle Öberg decide to go undercover with hidden cameras as a “social experiment” in their home country of Sweden.

The pair pose as applicants for a warehouse job, and managed to record blatant homophobia at a job interview they attended.

The film has featured on their YouTube channel STHLM Panda and has since gone viral in Sweden.


The film-makers got the idea when they received a message from one of their followers, saying that he had been fired from his job in a warehouse once his employer discovered he was gay.

To find out if their follower was telling the truth, Ydhage and Öberg both decided to apply for the now vacant position.

Öberg appeared to be the perfect candidate, said he had three years of previous warehouse experience and displayed plenty of eagerness for the role.

Ydhage purposefully said he had no experience and shows little enthusiasm.

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As you would expect the interview appeared to go extremely well for the experienced, eager Öberg. Until, the moment he mentions that he has a boyfriend.

The interviewer (whose identity has been protected) immediately changes his tone and demeanour, and cuts short the interview.

“A lot of people have applied for this job,” the interviewer explained as he avoided shaking hands with him as he gets up to leave.

Ydhage was later called and told that he was being offered the job. “2-3 people applied. You were the best.” said the interviewer.

Öberg, on the other hand, was called and informed that he had not been successful in his application.

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Since posting the video online, the two film-makers received an email from the boss who featured in the film, in which he expressed remorse.

He said that he was aware of who had tipped them off about his homophobic behavior.

“I’m starting to realize that my way of seeing things is very oppressive and degrading. Even if I don’t deliberately reject gay people I’ve seen them negatively.”

The boss went on to say that the former employee who he had fired has received an apology and been offered his job back.

“I deeply regret how I acted, I’m willing to change.

“I’m very remorseful as I said, but I hope this will lead to me becoming a better manager.”

This video has caused much concern within the Swedish community and they fear that it may dent the country’s image as a haven of tolerance towards LGBTI people.

Last Updated on Aug 14, 2015

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