Israeli MP Tzipi Livni
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A new bill has been proposed to the Israeli Parliament with the intention of giving the LGBTI community more rights and freedoms.

Proposed by Israeli member of Parliament Tzipi Livni, the bill which has been called the “Shira Banki bill,” in honour of the 16 year old girl who was stabbed and killed at the Jerusalem Pride parade 2015.

If passed, the legislation would establish civil unions for same-sex couples giving them the same rights as marriage in the eyes of the law.


Pride Isreal

The bill would also add tolerance teachings to school curriculums, abolish so-called conversion therapy, ease surrogacy rules for gay parents, and keep better track of people who have committed hate crimes.

According to The Jerusalem Post Livni wants the “Shira Banki bill” brought to vote as soon as possible, preferably at the opening of the Israeli Parliament’s winter session in October.

“The Shira Banki bill is meant to be a deterrent and make it clear to anyone planning a hate crime and thinks that violence and racism are the way that their actions will be met with the advancement of equality and tolerance in Israeli society,” Livni explained.

Isreali Parliament

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