Homos, or everyone in America (Supplied)
Homos, or everyone in America (Supplied)
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Drug use, club culture, casual and overt racism, identity, classism, even the use of that rancid little word “faggot” is all explored in a brand new comedy drama that opens Auckland’s 2019 theatre year at Q Theatre called Homos, or Everyone in America.

This sexually blunt and politically incorrect New Zealand production written by New York playwright Jordan Seavey charts a wonderfully mismatched relationship from a highly-intoxicated first date which walks the line between the personal and the political.

He asks whether the LGBTQI+ community has lost its way – and if there really is such a thing as equality.


“If we have equality, must we give up or lose our fertile queer culture, itself at least partly a result of oppression and persecution? And if persecution has ended, why are people still being beaten and killed?” Seavey said.

Named as an Aucklander of the Year in 2005 by Metro, and four-time Director of the Year by the NZ Listener, Shane Bosher is one of the country’s most prolific theatre-makers.

The founding Artistic Director of Silo Theatre, Bosher is no stranger to tackling ground-breaking and ambitious works.

“This play has a beating heart that recalls the film Weekend. One of the things I love about Jordan’s writing is that he talks with great compassion about how queer people come to be family for one another,” said Bosher.

Shane Bosher (Supplied)

Seavey riffs on how queer people can navigate being less than lovers and more than just friends.

“His language is eye-poppingly frank. He’s brave enough to talk about the tricky stuff, what we do and don’t talk about and how comfortable we are,” Bosher said.

Homos asks provocative questions about the internalisation of homophobia – how it infuses queer people’s lives in lots of ways, often subliminally. How and why do we curb our campness?

Why in 2019, do some queer people continue to police themselves to avoid inflaming prejudice?

For this NZ Premiere production, Bosher has cast a fierce quartet of next generation talent including Jack Buchanan (Peer Gynt: Recycled, When Sun and Moon Collide, Don Juan), Arlo Green (Hir, A Streetcar Named Desiree) and Harry McNaughton (Shortland Street, Polo, Dynamotion).

Jack Buchanan (Supplied)

Homos has already been a trailblazing hit in New York and London. Lauded with four and five-star reviews, both New York Magazine and The Advocate named it as one of the Top 10 Theatre Events of 2016 and the New York Times hailed it as a Critics’ Pick for 2016.

Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears recently called it “fresh, funny and firing on all cylinders”.

Homos, or Everyone in America opens at the Q Theatre on January 30 and goes through until February 16.

Last Updated on Jan 15, 2019

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