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There are plenty of a—holes in this city, in any city.

As a barista, I’ve encountered loads of them.

Those who stand in line ‘tutting’ only to be undecided and have no cash ready.


In this era of instant gratification, almost nobody is willing to wait.

People blatantly push in front of others and demand service, or snipe orders at me whilst I’m clearly in the middle of making multiple coffees.

I’m embarrassed at the impatience of the general public.

One lady demands I put the newspaper aside for her. Another insists I run the coffee to the customers in her adjacent shop.

I wonder when I ceased to be a human and became a robotic servant.

I’m pretty good at remembering regular orders and customer names. It seems it’s expected of me.

Meanwhile the regulars cannot remember two different coffee prices.

Nice Barista

Dealing with this, day in-day out, allows me to appreciate all the lovely people I encounter everyday.

I receive flowers, books, fruit, concert tickets (woohoo!) and plenty of good conversation.

I’ve also had two job propositions recently, reminding me that I won’t – and don’t – have to do this job forever.

It’s definitely time for a holiday!


Last Updated on May 6, 2015

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