Jamie Raines
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Following six years of reflection and growth, Jamie Raines has created a message of things he wanted his pre-transition self to know.

Starting his transition at the age of 18, Raines decided to take the time to document every step of his journey before creating his Vlog.

“You won’t always be this uncomfortable, miserable, badly-dressed person,” Raines explains to his pre-transition self.


“Pretty soon, you’re going to realise something big about yourself. Huge, massive, absolutely gigantic, and it will change your life forever … for the better though, I promise.”

Jamie Raines
Jamie Raines

“You’re not weird, you’re not a freak … you’re transgender and there’s nothing wrong with you.”

Speaking with BT about his transition Raines says, “I found it difficult in the beginning, both in terms of self-acceptance, and also just knowing what the hell I should be doing about it.”

“Every transition stage felt like a battle, from coming out, changing my name, and to accessing hormones and surgery. It required patience, which is something I’m not great with.”

“But as time went by, I’ve just felt so much more relaxed and like I’m not fighting anything anymore. I just get to be me,” Raines adds.

Watch Raines message below:


Last Updated on Jul 10, 2017

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