Latvia Same-sex Marriage
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The Baltic nation of Latvia plans to re-evaluate their current position on same-sex marriage, overturning an administrative court decision that refused an application to register a same-sex marriage.

Latvia’s Supreme Court who overturned the decision says that the court agrees that the administrative court’s decision to refuse the application was correct as that current regulations do not allow registering same-sex marriages in Latvia, however, the union should have been considered in a new context.

Same-Sex MarriageBaiba Katana, who is a Latvian Supreme Court press spokeswoman believes that the same-sex marriage application needs to be reviewed in a proper manner, adding that she feels it is impossible to conclude whether the applicants’ rights had been violated by the decision to not approve their application.


The re-evaluation follows a constitutional ban same-sex marriage in December 2005 and previous unsuccessful attempts to legalise same-sex unions including a registered partnership bill On 23 September 1999 which was presented by the Latvian National Human Rights Office.

In January 2012, the Latvian Ombudsman’s Office (formally known as the National Human Rights Office) advised parliament not introduce same-sex registered partnerships.

Latvian Supreme Court
Latvian Supreme Court

Last Updated on Jun 5, 2016

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