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Hopefuls from around the world are applying for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to an idyllic island in the South Pacific – but the journey will be anything but a holiday.

Self-made life coach Mark Bowness, is renting a slice of paradise to run a lifestyle boot camp aimed at changing the lives of six random strangers.

While most people would use the remote Fijian outcrop as their own personal playground, the 35-year-old is hosting the winners in a bid to help them launch their business, product or charity.


To earn a spot on the island applicants must win over judges with an idea to make the world a better place, their personalities and compelling life stories.

Hopefuls from 22 countries have already applied for the opportunity at ThisIsYourLifeChange.com.

One of those that have now been shortlisted into the semi finals is Kiwi born Australian Xavier Hartstonge.

Xavier, 23 and his partner Jesse North began putting together a non-for-profit organization in 2013 called SweatsHope.

The aim of the company is to put a stop to the forced sex trade industry, inspire and empower those who believe there are no other options and create a future for them and their family.

Xavier said in Kolkata India over 11,000 women stand in line daily, selling their body to any willing buyer.

“These women are abused, mistreated and forced to comply with the demands set. If they disobey, the men will simply move to the next resulting in no income and therefore a poor wellbeing,” Xavier said.

“We see an opportunity to change this, to break the poverty cycle.

“We plan to establish a workplace, a safe environment for the women of abuse, to seek comfort and to grow, become educated and empowered.

“While employed, a decent wage will be provided, health care, basic education and development opportunities offered. With us, these women can grow, become independent, inspired and change future generations.”

From over 3,500 applicants, Xavier and his partner have made it to the final 50 of the competition.

“Three contestants will be selected by the judges, based on a two minute video and brief outline of the dream submitted by the contestant,” Xavier explained.

“The remaining three contestants will be selected based on how badly each contestant wants the opportunity.”

A webpage has also been set up for supporters to vote for their favorite contestant, the contestant with the highest number of votes can be confident in a place on the island.

“For SweatsHope this opportunity means the world,” said Xavier.

For more information and to vote for Xavier and his partner visit thisisyourlifechange.com http://thisisyourlifechange.com/

Last Updated on Apr 14, 2015

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