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Barcelona is a beautiful Spanish city by the sea.

It is here that you truly have the best of both; a beach with golden sand filled with an array of speedo/bikini ready bodies, beautiful water with the accompaniment of an exciting, dense and alluring city.

Start your morning with a trip to Gaudi’s House “Casa Batlló” you will be in awe at the splendour and magic of this structure with every nook and cranny filled with incredible architectural detail.

Barcelona Beach
Barcelona Beach

From mythical chimneys to a facade that mirrors the sea, you will truly feel like you’re visiting something fantastical!
(Entrance for the house ranges from €22.50 to €29.50.$37-$49NZD)

Stroll on down Les Rambles for some shopping and lunch, this street is alive and buzzing with restaurants, bars, shops and people.

Incredible food is available all over this city and the customer service is impeccable.

Enjoy a leisurely walk towards the sea front; but on your amble to the beach pop into OLAS, it’s a “fun” shop to pick up a fantastic new swimsuit… perhaps some -unmentionable- items also.

Once you get to that sea front indulge in the sunshine and the lively promenade that’s lined with fun bars – have a glass of fresh sangria and soak up that delightful sun.

But if the beach isn’t your thing, then the Park Güell is a spectacular treat.

It also boasts a plethora of Gaudi’s work, for example, the main terrace is lined with Gaudi’s mosaic and architectural wonders are abundant throughout.

This park is truly worth the €7($11.50NZD) entrance fee.

Grab dinner somewhere, I especially enjoyed Agust. It is a magnificent example of Mediterranean’ cuisine.

Agust Restaurant
Agust Restaurant

All items are truly tantalising and the décor and ambience is also immensely enjoyable!

To indulge in the wild side of Barcelona I suggest going to Metro nightclub and dance the night away!

It is the longest-standing gay nightclub in Barcelona and has two large spaces playing different types of music -night dependant-.

Metro Club Barcelona
Metro Club Barcelona

It’s also close to other gay nightlife so stay awake till dawn and enjoy!
(Entrance fee up to €16.$26NZD)


Last Updated on Apr 15, 2016

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