Mr Gay Peru Jorge Seminario (Instagram)
Mr Gay Peru Jorge Seminario (Instagram)
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Being authentic and himself is how Mr Gay Peru Jorge Seminario explains his chances of winning Mr Gay World as the competition quickly heads for its climax on Saturday night in Cape Town.

The Lima-born Peruvian delegate has put his country on the map this week, taking a leading role with the Latin American contestants and hopefully providing the perfect springboard for Peru involvement in the competition for future years.

Speaking with Gay Nation, his Spanish translated, Seminario said he thinks the contest is an active platform, which evolves year after year and offers the possibility of generating change in society.


“I am very interested that my country continues with the evolutionary process that all nations around the world, I want Peru to not only be known as a millennial country and with excellent cuisine, but also as a country where all members of the LGBT community, feel safe and full,” Seminario said to Gay Nation.

“Peru does not have a decentralized [Mr Gay] organization in the country, so you contact the director of the organization in South America and the parent, Peru has not sent a representative more than 10 years.

“It is an incredible experience that fills many expectations to show the world, my country, I
definitely believe that I will also know the realities of other countries that although we are in different continents and speak different languages, we live similar situations, I will learn
everything necessary to turn it into my community.”

Mr Gay Peru Jorge Seminario (Instagram)
Mr Gay Peru Jorge Seminario (Instagram)

This has been Seminario’s first time in South Africa but he has travelled to many other countries and enjoys finding out how other countries accept the LGBTI community.

“I have travelled to different countries of America outside of South America and in Europe, I love to travel and work in the tourism industry.

“Seeing different realities makes us what we live and what we have, and reminds us that there is still a lot of work to do for others.

“I have also not had the happiness of knowing neither Australia nor New Zealand but I’m dying to meet her.”

With the finale approaching, Seminario believes it will come down each delegate’s unique and honest attributes.

“Be authentic, be yourself, what to spend, and what is the acceptance of others and the acceptance of others but the most important thing is that everyone is happy and lives in harmony.

“Being Authentic and empathetic with others will always be a beginning with a healthy and pleasant relationship with others.”


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Seminario will join 21 of the other delegates on stage at the Mr Gay World Finale this Saturday night at the Cape Town City Hall starting at 6pm.

Last Updated on May 4, 2019

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