Mr Gay Mexico 2018 Kaleb Omar (Supplied)
Mr Gay Mexico 2018 Kaleb Omar (Supplied)
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Mr Gay Mexico, Kaleb Omar has a unique position in this year’s Mr Gay World competition in that he attempted to win the Mr Gay Mexico crown in 2014 and was unsuccessful, but went back, worked on his commitment and came through to win in 2018 and is now, here in Cape Town representing Mexico.

Born and has lived all his 30 years in the small City of Toluca about an hours drive west of the Capital Mexico City, Omar feels fortunate to live in the centre of the country, surrounded by what his environment offers, its people, food and its beautiful Nevado Xinantecatl stratovolcano.

But it has been his drive and determination that has taken him from a difficult stage in 2013 to decide to compete for Mr Gay World and is now standing up for his country in Cape Town.


“At the end of 2013 I felt that life had a fanned of opportunities that I wanted to achieve,” Omar explained to Gay Nation.

“Navigating YouTube I found a contest aimed at gay people, I was attracted and amazed to see that people from different parts of the world were spokespeople for their countries, aiming to carry a message of acceptance and inclusion for all that we are within the LGBTQ+ community, it seemed almost unattainable to me but not impossible.

“On my New Year’s wish list I remember clearly that I wrote: Purpose 12 participate in a contest where I can represent Mexico someday.”

Mr Gay Mexico 2018 Kaleb Omar (Supplied)
Mr Gay Mexico 2018 Kaleb Omar (Supplied)

In 2014 he was contacted by Mr Gay World Mexico central region and he went through the process of the local competition, a dream had come true.

“I participated and in that year and I was the first finalist, the state of Puebla had won its pass to Mr Gay World in Rome Italy, I felt incomplete and certainly would not remove the finger from the line.

“I decided to improve in every aspect starting with my commitment to the gay community on issues of repression and inequality.

“Four years later I participated again for the national 2018 in Mexico in the state of Puebla, had a personal symbolism for what happened 4 years ago, but this time would not hesitate at all.

“I would do it again because I am clear that human value does not determine a sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Having something to say and fight for it.

“I had never felt anything so clear and my decision to bring to my country the international title could be the beginning of breaking stereotypes and taboos, opening doors that are closed for a gay man with brown skin before his own country and the world.”

The opportunity now presents itself and Omar is Mexico’s delegate at Mr Gay World 2019 and he is passionate to make the next step of not just competing but winning the title.

“The opportunity to be the spokesman as a gay man in a Latin American country and amplified to the world, carrying a message of self-acceptance, covering issues that offers basic information about the same community and people identify themselves, raising the voice to follow their own goals, not only in a contest but in life.

“Believing that I can be the first of the American continent to bring home the title, breaking stereotypes and changing mentalities that even in the 21ST century we live.

“I’m excited about the simple fact of being part of the 2019 generation, the key is never to give up and life will know to correspond.

“I have admired my colleagues’ strength and dedication in the work they develop in favour of the rights of same-sex people and the same community.

“Besides being handsome they have an altruistic heart, for something they have their respective national titles.

“This stage of being in Mr Gay World I still enjoy it and I am thrilled to continue living with intensity what is presented to me now in Cape Town, South Africa.”


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Omar will join 21 of the other delegates on stage at the Mr Gay World Finale this Saturday night at the Cape Town City Hall starting at 6pm.

Last Updated on May 3, 2019

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