Matt Wilson and Takaya Honda during Neighbours Q&A (Youtube)
Matt Wilson(Aaron) and Takaya Honda(David) during Neighbours Q&A (Youtube)
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Off the back of Australia’s same-sex marriage law changes last year, long-running TV soap Neighbours are heading towards their first gay wedding after Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takay Honda) became engaged on the show last week.

The ongoing, on and off again romance has been leading up to this moment for some time and it seemed fitting the storyline would move this way after last year’s historic decision.

The engagement happened on one of Melbourne’s bay beaches following Honda’s character returning from a short trip to New Zealand.


After laying on the beach for some time David suggested they crack open the strawberries and chocolates when Aaron has other ideas.

“David, do you want to get married,” Aaron said while reaching for David’s hand.

“I Love you David. When I used to think of my future I could imagine so many different versions.

“But now I can only imagine one. And that’s with you.”

Matt Wilson and Takaya Honda during Neighbours Q&A (Youtube)
Matt Wilson and Takaya Honda during Neighbours Q&A (Youtube)

In a double surprise, David had already planned to pop the question on the same day.

“I went on a walk before to get ready to ask you something,” David explained to Aaron.

“Aaron you make me smile every day and I’m a stronger person being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life learning and growing with you.

“Will you marry me,” David presents Aaron with a watch in a present.

They kissed and Aaron puts the pull-ring from the top of a ginger beer bottle on David’s finger.

Speaking after the big announcement in a Neighbours Q&A, Wilson answered a question about the person they would most want to guest star on neighbours.

“Somebody asked me recently if we (Aaron and David) were to get married who would you like at the wedding and I did say that I saw Tom Daley and Lance his now husband were up in the Gold Coast so we actually messaged them and said ‘hey do you want to come on the show’,” explained Wilson.

“I haven’t had a response back yet but if this somehow gets to Tom Daley please say come to our wedding, do a cameo on the show.”

Maybe Daley could turn up at the wedding as Scott and Charlene’s long lost forgotten child and take the limelight away from the TV gay couple of the moment.

Stay tuned to find out what happens at the TV wedding of the year.

Last Updated on May 20, 2018

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