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We are always told to be safe when having fun. Whether it’s protecting ourselves with PrEP regularly or throwing on a condom in that moment of passion, it is important to make sure the things we treasure the most are protected.

Just like when you get a new phone, such as the new Samsung Note 9 released recently or the upcoming new iPhone, these are expensive purchases so why risk them without the most appropriate protection.

Ken Blood is an expert over at our friends Fone King and he agrees pricey toys like these need to last until the next phone comes out, and he has some suggestions on the best ways to protect that special….. phone.


Screen Protection:

The thin layer of glass to protect screens is nearly second nature to every mobile phone these days. With the Samsung Galaxy comes a larger surface than previous models, as well as a curved edge that means the surface becomes more fragile. Fone King offers adhesive glass screen protectors to ensure every curve is of the highest safety. The super shield is a must-have, especially for the ones who struggle to keep their phone safe. Using multi-layered film these screen protectors are super thin, super clear and super tough! The best quality screen protectors are available from RRP $59.95

Fone King

No one likes to lose brand new things, especially pricey ones. Fone King’s Goospery Canvas Diary ensures customers that their phone is kept safe alongside their money, all in one place for easy access and convenience. These stylish cases are the perfect combination of protection and practical features with wallet features and multiple card slots. RRP $49.95

Protection from wear and tear:

360 protection of your phone is hard to come by when its put through constant wear and tear and dropped regularly. With the LifeProof Nëxt Cases, every new Note 9 is ensured the highest safety whilst maintaining the beauty it’s slim and sleek design. This sleek case is clear to highlight the features of new Galaxy phone but perfectly balance protection at the same time and are engineered to suit every lifestyle from jolts and drops. RRP $99.95

You can never be sure how well your phone battery will last. Remain fully charged at all times to ensure you always get the best out of your phone with the IDMIX Wireless Charger Pad portable back up charger. This charger pad provides a convenient and faster way to charge your phone. Mini and compact this little gadget frees you from messy cables and makes it easy to simply charge your new Note 9, ensuring you never run out of battery on the go. RRP $119.95

Water damage:

Fone King have found that over 25% of liquid damaged phones have been because of dropping them in the loo, so Fone King provides a step-by-step guide online to help people deal with crisis situations like these. Fone King’s qualified technicians are experts at recovering liquid damaged phones and their data recovery success rate is over 90%.

Last Updated on Sep 2, 2018

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