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The New South Wales Young Nationals, have passed a motion to defy the majority of their party’s MPs and support same-sex marriage.

Speaking with Eikōn, NSW Young Nationals development officer Blaise Bratter, who proposed the motion said he felt it necessary to send a message to the party.

“Myself, and many other Young Nat’s, felt disappointment when the Federal National Parliamentary Party assisted in blocking a conscious vote during a party room meeting on the matter,” Bratter said.


“I felt it necessary to send a message to them, and the general public, that this view is not shared by everyone within the party.”

The motion which simply stated that the organisation supports marriage equality, is thought to have passed by a majority of three to one by delegates at the group’s state conference in the southern town of Corowa.

During the same conference in Corowa, the NSW Young Nationals also passed the motion that the NSW Young Nationals record its “disappointment and disillusionment with the members of the Federal Parliamentary National Party who aided in denying Coalition members a free vote on marriage equality.”

NSW Young Nationals development officer Blaise Bratter.
NSW Young Nationals development officer Blaise Bratter.

Bratter believes that support for marriage equality is consistent among the younger people within the party, however its more difficult to say for the older generations.

A motion to uphold the position that marriage should only be between a man and a women was soundly defeated.

Bratter said that he believes that public opinion is behind marriage equality however personally believes that regardless of the general public opinion, marriage equality is an action that has to take place.

“Discrimination and inequality is never acceptable, and having it written into our legislation is disgusting.”

Further, to quote Penny Sharpe (NSW State Labor MP), same sex couples do not need the tick of approval from the general public to validate their relationships.”

Bratter said that he wishes all nations would take a leaf out of New Zealand’s book.

“I think that the progress that NZ always seems to have when it comes to these social issues and promoting equality for all its people is exemplary, and I wish all nations would take their example and follow suit.”


Despite Bratter’s warmth for New Zealand in a political and social level when questioned if he was looking forward to seeing the New Zealand All Blacks win the upcoming Rugby World Cup he responded, “Mate, I wouldn’t be so confident…”

Last Updated on Sep 5, 2015

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