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NSW Police have been ‘uninvited’ from marching in the 2024 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade.

In a statement from the Board of the Mardis Gras late on Monday night, they said the decision was not made lightly.

“Sydney Mardi Gras along with LGBTQIA+ communities across the country have been devastated by the loss of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies, whose lives were cut short last week, ” the statement read.


“Police have charged a man with their murder, a NSW Police officer who has previously participated in the Mardi Gras Parade.

“In recent days many have voiced their concerns to us, particularly regarding feelings of unease at the Parade. Their concerns centre on whether it can still be a space to protest, celebrate, and advocate for equality, as well as to honour and grieve for those we’ve lost, given the NSW Police’s participation in this year’s event.

“Our community needs space to grieve the loss of Jesse and Luke who, before this tragedy, would have been here celebrating with us at the Festival.”

The Mardi Gras board feels that having police in the parade could add “distress” within our communities.

“The Board has taken the decision to request that the Police do not march in the 2024 Parade.”

Before the announcement from the Board, the Daily Telegraph was told by NSW Commissioner of Police Karen Webb that she was informed late on Monday and that she was “disappointed and dismayed.”

The NSW Police have marched for 20 years with the Commissioner marching on many occasions.

“I am disappointed, I find it illogical really,” Ms Webb said to the Daily Telegraph.

“I can’t understand the logic behind it. I get the distrust and the concern about this matter but don’t brand the whole organisation because of the actions of one individual.”

Further in the statement Mardi Gras said, “This decision was not made lightly, especially considering that many NSW Police members who participate in the Parade are also members of the LGBTQIA+ community and are navigating the impact of this tragedy alongside us.

“However, we believe that their participation at this year’s event could intensify the current feelings of sorrow and distress.

“This decision allows space for the community to heal this year and acknowledges the profound grief and strain that we are enduring. This is an opportunity to pause and reflect.

“NSW Police have been notified, and while disappointed, understand the Board’s decision and the Board are meeting with the Police to discuss further.”






Last Updated on Feb 26, 2024

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