Zimbabwe man Paul Teasdale (Facebook)
Zimbabwe man Paul Teasdale (Facebook)
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After a Zimbabwe school teacher came out to his students at a school assembly last week, another Zimbabwean man has posted a video that has gone viral where he shows how he deals with “homosexuals invading my town.”

The announcement by Neal Hovelmeier from Harare’s St John’s College that he was gay was met with outrage by some parents who demanded he resigns. It was reported that fists flew at a meeting between parents and school officials on Monday.

In response, adventure sports enthusiast from Zimbabwe, Paul Teasdale, created a video to show “how I deal with homosexuals invading my town.”


“There’s been a lot of controversy in Harare because some deputy headmaster or something came out that he’s gay….” says Teasdale in the clip.

He explains that as “a red blooded Zimbabwean man” he has a “very explicit message” to send to his two young sons about “what we do with such individuals.”

Teasdale continues: “I’m going to show you how… best we can set an example to our children, our boys, in this town and in this country…”

The video has so far had more than 50,000 views.

He calls out to another man, whom he describes as a “fruit loop”, and proceeds, somewhat unexpectedly, to give him a long, lingering hug.

Turning to the camera, Teasdale said: “There’s only one way to deal with this – with tolerance, love and compassion. A real man is vulnerable, compassionate and loving. You don’t need to be an asshole!”

In a follow-up video Teasdale admits that he baited viewers by making it seem like he was going to beat someone up.

“But I’m not that guy and never will be.”

Instead, he urges people to “create a better country and a better world by just loving each other.”

Last Updated on Sep 28, 2018

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