K.J. Apa (Instagram)
K.J. Apa (Instagram)

K.J. Apa has joined the chorus in publically criticising Israel Folau for his homophobic comments on Instagram last weekend.

Former Shortland Street actor and now a star of the Netflix show Riverdale, Auckland born Apa has not only questioned Folau’s motives but claimed that Christians ‘Love not Judge’.

He has screenshot Folau’s Instagram comments feed where he made the comment that gay people would go to hell and added his own response before sharing it as an Instagram story.

“Very disappointing comments.. our role as Christians is to LOVE not Judge. What gives you the right to condemn? Are you perfect? Sit down,” commented Apa.

Taken from K.J. Apa’s Instagram Story

A Christian himself, Apa has talked about his religion before, saying he’s Christian and that he needs God “everyday.”

In an interview with Elle, KJ said he leans on his religion to keep him grounded.