Eikon Fashion Top Summer Tips
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Six Summer Fashion Eikōn Tips

1. Never have more than three colours at a time on an outfit

Ever walked pass that guy dressed in rainbow colours and had a daze? Or just looked at a multi coloured outfit and felt like something went wrong in your gut? While wanting to be adventurous with your dressing, we advice to maintain limits. As a general rule of thumb, keeping a maximum of three colours at a time in your outfit always works to avoid you looking like a piñata.

2. Control your hairs


During the winter time, most of our bodies are covered and unexposed under layers of wool, cashmere and more. However, if you are like me, the warmth and cosy habitat soon provides exponential growth for hair follicles in all regions of your body. While you maybe tempted to keep these mementos, please be aware they are likely to be deeply unattractive if not groomed appropriately. Always check the status of your hair (all parts) before leaving the house, it would take less than a couple of minutes to groom them appropriately.

3. Patterns are sexy

Think of that vast blue ocean, brown sandy beach, a cool glass of pina colada, and you almost instantly think of a patterned shirt. That is summer. The sure way to look cool and sexy to the person next to you. Try on some Hawaiian patterns, or be bold with polkadots. Life is too short not to take a chance with patterns.

Hugh Wearing Timo Swimwear
Hugh Wearing Timo Swimwear

4. Splash some colour

“If there was a colour darker than black, I would wear that,” is definitely NOT something a man should follow in the summer. Summer is the time for colour, baby blue, orange, yellow or red. Adding a dash of colour to your outfit would not just catch an extra eye or two but even make you feel that much more vibrant and energetic for the summer.

5. Cologne up

Need just one cologne? Think again. Our sense of smell is highly sensitive and can differentiate you from being memorable or forgotten. Sofitel spends a significant amount of investments per year to maintain their fresh and luxurious fragrance. That demonstrates how effective it is, and if hotels do so, what more for a gentleman. It is also highly individualistic, and the mixture of cologne with your perspiration and body odour can create intense synergy. Head into your local department store and find out what colognes mix well with your body to find your signature smell.

6. spf it

Too often in our youthfulness, we forget that we are in fact not superhuman. This includes every element of our body, especially the skin. Sun lotions are an integral element of a mans growing regime especially going out on a summers day. La Roche-Posay or Nivea have some great products that would help, and avoid the day where you would be mortified when you wake up to find the man in the mirror looking like the last burger patty you ate.


Swim trunks by Timo. Available in NZ at www.theobjectroom.co.nz

Photography: Katherin Ann-Marie, The Undefined Photography

Last Updated on Feb 28, 2015

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