Lil Nas X "Thats What I Want" - Montero Film clip (Youtube)
Lil Nas X "Thats What I Want" - Montero Film clip (Youtube)
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Lil Nas X has finally had the baby, the Montero baby that he has been spruiking for some weeks and wow what a bang this little baby is having already.

In addition to some don’t-fuck-with-kids-raised-on-the-internet funny billboards that went up this week around LA, to herald the release of the album, Lil Nas X also dropped a new music video, for single “Thats What I Want,” invoking a little Brokeback Mountain—Friday Night Lights and some very steamy sexual interludes—to promote the album.

Directed by Stillz, the video gets into its story quickly, showing the evolving relationship between Lil Nas’ character and a fellow football player at “Montero University,” who have significantly more going on than a little locker room rivalry.

Lil Nas X "Thats What I Want" - Montero Film clip (Youtube)
Lil Nas X “Thats What I Want” – Montero Film clip (Youtube)

It’s all going pretty well, including a very Brokeback interlude with some familiar cowboy garb, until the reveal that the musician’s paramour has a wife and kids at home. But don’t worry, Lil Nas X fans: He’s ready to marry his music instead, wielding a guitar handed to him by—who else?—Billy Porter, who we hope at least got a nice lunch out of coming by to appear in two seconds of Lil Nas X’s new music video.

Montero itself also arrived tonight, the first major release from an artist who’s carved out a powerful identity for himself in the two years since he released his catchy little ditty about where the horses are. (They’re in the back.)


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The album contains contributions from Elton John, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Jack Harlow, and Miley Cyrus; it features production from Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo, Take A Daytrip, and, yes, Kanye West, who wrote and produced on the Harlow-featuring “Industry Baby.” Montero is available on all the major streaming services.

Lil Nas X "Thats What I Want" - Montero Film clip (Youtube)
Lil Nas X “Thats What I Want” – Montero Film clip (Youtube)

He has also released music videos or word videos for most of the songs from the album, this guy is truly going places.

Check out the video below at your gay nation.


Last Updated on Sep 17, 2021

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