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My Kitchen Rules star Jordan Bruno is now using his ‘star power’ to support LGBT charities and marriage equality.

The openly gay Jordan has launched a brand new cookbook which includes recipes that he loves to cook but also has stories within the book that talk about coming out and inspirational messages from people that look up to Jordan.

The book, which is free to download, is dedicated to raising awareness for the mental health of LGBTI youth and allows readers to donate to Minus18 and Headspace charities.


In just under a month the website has had more than 5,000 visits with many taking advantage of the free cookbook and lots of messages from LGBT youth which is one of the main reasons the book was produced.

“My first book goes towards a charity because I believe in it,” Jordan explained to eikon.

“It’s my way of trying to combat the bad publicity from the negative campaign of the plebiscite debate.

“A kid that is really struggling with his sexuality might be pushed over the edge from the negative side of that debate.

“Me making a free cookbook that I’m trying to get into everyone’s home that has coming out stories, gay awareness stories, is my way of trying to combat the negative with the positive.”

One of the amazing dishes from the Gay Chef cookbook
One of the amazing dishes from the Gay Chef cookbook

Through social media, Jordan has direct contact with LGBT member across the world, particularly with gay youth who contact him regularly.

“I get one to three gay boys a week message me and tell me some really dark stuff,” Jordan said.

Even with the attention Jordan tries to keep up with all his social media attention and continues to do it all himself.

“On social, I struggle to be authentic, sometimes it takes me seven days to write back to people and I feel bad when writing back to people.

“I do set out four hours here and there just do to social responding. The ones that I don’t love are just gay men hitting on me, which is about 60% of the messages.”

Jordan Bruno - Instagram - Jarrod Adams
Jordan Bruno – Instagram – Jarrod Adams

Jordan has branded his new cookbook, the “Gay Chef” and hopes that one day this could lead to more exposure and travel as a chef for the community.

“I would love to do cooking demonstrations and cooking lessons on a gay cruise ship, would be like the dream.

“I just really love the community and I feel so comfortable with it and cruise shops do employ chefs for cooking lessons and demonstrations and activities throughout a cruise ship.

“That is a market I could potentially get into.”

Jordan handing out cupcakes as a promotion for marriage equality - Instagram
Jordan handing out cupcakes as a promotion for marriage equality – Instagram

In the meantime, Jordan has become the face of marriage equality in Western Australia and hopes the cookbook and surrounding exposure can keep the pressure on Canberra to make a decision.

To visit Jordan’s website, download the free cookbook and donate go here.

Last Updated on Nov 18, 2016

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