Transgender Initiative
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The people of pride we left behind!

I was struggling whether or not to write my opinion piece on this issue as I feel I’m Just a bystander in this struggle.

Coming out for me was almost as easy as a simple game of truth or dare.

In fact it was a simple case of truth or dare, I was then off to Family Bar dumped right in the thick of “Gay” country.


For those I have met not born with their authentic gender a simple game of truth or dare is instead 21+ Questions.

So why the difference? Why do we place such a burden on a boxed gender?

Once I came out I adopted new friends many of which were either gender diverse, gender neutral or had changed their birth gender at some point to something more authentic.

I soon learnt the world is more colourful than the square box I’d been locked in most my life.

Most of my creativity was encouraged by seeing the Southside Sisters perform in spectacular outfits and finding out how they were made.

My art teacher at a cut above academy encouraged my whacky colour pallet and this lead on to great success.

I have also watched many of my friends begin to blossom and live more  authentically as Transgender or Non-binary.


So why the difference? Why do I get human rights yet it is hard for someone who isn’t their Birth gender? I, in fact, don’t know why and don’t see why I get treated any different. Even though Sexuality is in our (N.Z) Bill of rights as a basic human right there

Even though Sexuality is in our (N.Z) Bill of Rights as a basic human right there is no rights for those who are Gender Dysphoric (Transgender).

So you may be asking what needs to be done to further LGBTQI rights?

1) Writing Gender Dysphoria into the Bill of Rights.
2) Changing perceptions on gender stereotype.
3) Gender Neutral Toilets/Clothing store change rooms where applicable.
4) Better protection for Gender Dysphoric persons under current law.

I have seen and heard accounts of the great Injustices LGBTQI people have faced over the years and as I watch some of my younger friends starting their Transitions I cannot help but to think.

Female lion in botswana with a male lions mane
Female lion in botswana with a male lions mane

They deserve a fair go, They deserve basic rights under law, and They deserve to live their lives as themselves free of persecution.

So My Goal would be to support the struggle for more rights for the gender Diverse/Transgendered as they once supported us and help put an end to discrimination of ALL LGBTQI people once and for all.

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2016

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