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Have you ever wandered into your favourite fashion outlet to buy that perfect pair of shoes only to discover the one you wanted is out of stock, not designed in your size or just misses that little bit of something that would make it perfect.

Far from jumping on a plane to Asia to get them hand made somewhere exotic you have literally had no other choice but to choose the shoe that fits rather than the one that makes you feel great.

Well times have changed, and a brand new shoe wear designer in Melbourne has come up with the clever but common sense idea of being able to make your perfect shoe….. online.


Elect have developed a business model that can provide individual designs, flexibility and choice in lifestyle footwear for men.

elect footwear

No longer is men’s footwear limited by choice of style, colours, quality materials and comfort.

With Elect consumers ultimately are the ones who take control and the results are stunning.

elect footwear

After looking through the website and building my most desired shoes I received them in the mail not sure what to expect and to my delight not only were they designed the way I expected but the materials were superb.

The retailer will scream that its important to try a shoe on before you buy it. But you literally get 2 minutes to try on a pair of shoes before you bring them home from the shops, so how seriously can you test to see if its the perfect fit.

With Elect shoes, yes the try before you buy is eliminated, but in my case, the shoes felt as good on as I had hoped.

elect footwear

The website is well designed to allow for easy shoe making. I actually felt like a cobbler putting together the toe and the tab and the tongue into different colours.

There are so many choices and the intuitive website allows for all of this to happen in minutes and your price is shown immediately.

If you dont have the time or the inclination to make your own, there is also a selection of pre-made shoes to allow you to grab something quickly that everyone else has designed for you.

Take a look and let us know what you think. Visit electfootwear.com.

elct footwear

Last Updated on Jul 14, 2015

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