Tom Daley - Source: Youtube
Tom Daley - Source: Youtube
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Olympic diver and one of the highest profile gays in the world has revealed a huge secret as he heads into 2016.

Tom Daley drinks lemon water, every day.

Yeah, that’s right, in his latest Youtube video Daley explains that having a glass of lemon water every morning helps keep him in shape – calling it “quick, easy and simple” way to improve your health.


The Olympian also adds that keeping lemons in the bathroom ensure that he can do it first thing in the morning without forgetting.

What a revelation from Daley who in 2015 was engaged to his screenwriter partner Dustin Lance Black.

It’s actually been a busy holiday period for Daley after completing some southern hemisphere training on Australia’s Gold Coast in early December he then spent Christmas in Los Angeles with Black’s family before heading back to London.


He has also begun a renewed interest in filming Youtube videos. Unveiling three in the past week including the “lemon water video”, the first of a series of special fitness videos he will be releasing in coming weeks.

Now the cynical amongst us might suggest he is trying to build his profile either due to some drop-off in interest or because this year is an Olympic year, but whatever the reason, it’s good to have Tom Daley back on our screen, even if it is holding lemons in front of his naked torso.

During the “lemon water video,” Daley show viewers how easy it is to make lemon water.

He goes on to list the benefits of lemon water – it’s good for the immune system, it’s cleansing, it’s good for healthy skin, it helps you lose weight and it gives you energy.

The Youtube offensive follows a huge spread in the latest edition of OUT Magazine in the US where Daley and Black talk candidly talked about their marriage proposal plans in 2015.

Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley in the current OUT Magazine spread
Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley in the current OUT Magazine spread

Black – whose previous plans to propose on Tower Bridge were thwarted by TV cameras – explained: “I go into the bathroom to get ready for bed and come out in my underwear, and that’s when he drops down on one knee and proposes to me.”

Daley explained: “I had the ring box in my underwear, and when he came out of the bathroom, I just went down on my knee and proposed.

“Then he ran off to the bathroom to get his rings, and he had this whole speech prepared, but he’s a writer so his was quite extravagant.

“But looking back, all I can remember is being completely overwhelmed, like, Oh my God, we’re now engaged.”

Oh, how sweet. It looks as if the Daley-Black show will be ramping up in 2016.

Last Updated on Jan 9, 2016

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