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Mika, the singer behind the hit song “Grace Kelly,” has opened up about facing homophobia in the early years of his career.

In a new interview with the i, Mika revealed that he was often told his music was “too gay” and that he was accused of “brazen homophobia.”

He explained how the music industry “was not one of the most kind or conducive places for making you at ease with your own identity or sexuality back then.”


Despite enduring relentless questioning from the media about his sexuality, Mika did not come out as gay until 2012, five years after his debut album was released. In 2021, he reflected on feeling exploited by the press in his early career, saying that he was pressured to label himself and that he now realizes that the journalists who put pressure on him should feel bad.

“It always takes a while, but I’ve learned to be myself. Honestly, I don’t change very much anymore,” he said.

Sadly Mika’s experiences are still common in the entertainment industry, with many celebrities being pressured to reveal their sexuality, with celebrities regularly speaking out about the pressure they face from the media and fans to reveal their sexuality, often without regard for their privacy or personal comfort.

Notably, In October 2022, Heartstopper actor Kit Connor was pressured to come out as bisexual on Twitter after facing accusations of queerbaiting.

Last Updated on Feb 20, 2023

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