Kit Connor (Netflix)
Kit Connor (Netflix)
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The online fandom world is awash with angst after Kit Connor from the Netflix breakout hit Heartstopper appeared to quit social media platform Twitter overnight.

The 18-year-old played Nick Nelson in the coming-of-age comedy about Charlie Spring (played by Joe Locke), who falls in love with his classmate Nick while attending secondary school.

The pair try to maintain a relationship while grappling with their sexuality in a school environment and coming out to their families.


Since the show gained such popularity in early May, the stars of the show have gained considerable social media followings and along with that has come a steady stream of fan love but also backlash.

In Connor’s case, he has more than 950,000 Twitter followers though he has only tweeted 216 times since he joined in 2016 but his most recent tweet showed Connor clearly upset with the app and saying he was deleting it, without any explanation.

His Twitter account is still live, but it appears he hasn’t logged back in since making the tweet announcing his departure, leaving fans a little confused.

Ever since the tweet was posted, fans of the show have been wondering about the reasons behind his sudden departure.

In the replies to Connor’s tweet, the mystery begins to unravel, with one fan explaining why they think he might have left the app behind – at least for the time being.

‘People are accusing him of queer-baiting again because there’s an 11-second vid of him and (actress) Maia Reficco walking down a street in Paris holding hands.’

Kit Connor and Joe Locke from a scene in Heartstopper (Netflix)
Kit Connor and Joe Locke from a scene in Heartstopper (Netflix)

Connor and the Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin star are said to be filming for their upcoming movie, A Cuban Girls’ Guide to Tea and Tomorrow.

Connor has been accused in some quarters of ‘queer-baiting’ by playing a bisexual character on TV despite never confirming his sexuality in real life.

The actor shut down speculation about his sexuality after the show premiered, saying: ‘Twitter is so funny, man. apparently, some people on here know my sexuality better than I do.

Some fans of Heartstopper have recently called on Connor to ‘address’ the situation once and for all on social media so that people can ‘move on’ from the subject.

However, other fans of the Netflix series have argued that Kit doesn’t need to ever confirm his sexuality in order to play the role of Nick.

So what has happened to bring him to this decision, or is it just a typical “look at me” type of tweet and tomorrow he will be back tweeting like the best of them?

Last Updated on Sep 13, 2022

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