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72-year-old Emmy Award-winning actress Holland Taylor has opened up about her personal life and has now confirmed that her current “relationship is with a woman.”

Taylor who has worked for decades on television opened up about her sexuality when she was questioned on whether she was “enticed by marriage” in her current relationship.

“I have not,” Taylor explains, “given my generation, it would not be something that would automatically occur to me. But she’s mentioned it because just from a spiritual point of view, from a heart point of view, as a … deed that has a very rich symbolic gesture to it, it has its attraction.”


Holland Taylor

Taylor adds, “It’s been a very casual conversation at this point … it would be a very private thing. I would not do that publicly. But as a symbol, as a pledge, as a plighting one’s troth I would see it … that it would be a wonderful thing to do.”

During the interview with WNYC Taylor explains how she has not “come out” because she is out, she lives out.

“It’s awkward because if I talk about relationships in my life or people that have been in my life, or somebody I’ve been seeing for a while or this, that and the other thing, I’d like to be able to just say that, without having to stop and say, ‘So have you come out?’ No, I haven’t come out because I am out. I live out.”

Taylor adds, “I feel at this point in the conversation it feels kind of awkward. Now I feel very very shy of it.”

“I’ve been really wrestling with this lately because most of my relationships have been with women and I don’t like talking about them because I don’t like talking about the politics of it all because I’m not political about it. I think we’re ridiculous in this country about it … Ridiculous.”

Holland Taylor


Last Updated on Dec 2, 2015

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