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**Rude Warning**

In the diverse world of online dating, where preferences vary widely, a unique platform has emerged to cater to a specific aspect that has long been a discreet topic of discussion – how big is your penis?

Meet Dirty Code, a daring dating site that unabashedly allows users to delve into the intimate details of their anatomy, challenging conventional norms.


For those who find themselves asking, “How big?” right out of the gate, Dirty Code aims to provide a straightforward solution. In contrast to mainstream dating apps where discussions about genital size may be considered taboo, Dirty Code encourages users to express their preferences openly. This unconventional approach was detailed by Gyorgy Szucs, the creator of Dirty Code, on Reddit three years ago.

The site addresses a common issue faced by users on platforms like Grindr, where inquiries about penis size often replace traditional greetings. While some dating apps offer limited-size classifications such as XL or XXL, Dirty Code takes it a step further, allowing users to specify intricate details like length, thickness, colour, vascularity, and even the foreskin pattern.

Dirty Code Penis Sizes
(Dirty Code website)

Szucs acknowledges that Dirty Code isn’t for everyone, recognizing its departure from conventional dating practices. However, he emphasizes the platform’s potential for shamelessly sharing and discovering preferences that societal norms may consider outrageous.

Beyond the realm of genitalia, the website prompts users to share additional personal details, including age, eye colour, hair colour, body type, hairline, and even the size of the buttocks – leaving no stone unturned, or in this case, no detail undisclosed.

Despite its bold approach, Dirty Code faces the challenge of a limited user base in certain regions, as observed during a trial run in the country of Finland. However, the platform garnered attention for its popularity among young men in Ukraine during the same period.

One distinctive feature of this website is its ability to generate a personal code for users to share on other platforms like Grindr, allowing them to showcase what’s in their “package” visually. The site also enables the creation of private profiles, adding an element of discretion for those who prefer a more selective audience.

Dirty Code eyes

In a world where dating app profiles often lack substantial information about personality, Dirty Code stands out by providing a platform where users can be unabashedly specific about their desires.

Whether for those genuinely interested in exploring unique preferences or for those seeking a departure from traditional dating norms, this website offers a space where individuals can candidly express their desires without judgment.

Last Updated on Dec 18, 2023

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