Jordan Hubbard
Jordan Hubbard
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THE LGBTI community are one of the strongest community groups in history, showing faith, strength, resilience, and equality.

We all know that together we have stood our strongest – a unity that no one can divide. So that leads me to my issue… why are we the worst to each other when we are alone?

Stereotypes will exist for some time and will trouble many youths as they grow up and become who they are. But why do they then have to prepare themselves for another level of abuse from their own community?


Growing up in a country town taught me many things:

1) You do not have time to worry about the opinions of others
2) You are the only one who can change your life
3) Be who you are – and not what others expect of you

Year 12 Formal - Jordan Hubbard
Year 12 Formal – Jordan Hubbard

I struggled significantly identifying who I was as a person. The gay community was non-existent around me – only the big city of Sydney held the key to identifying who I was (well so it seemed).

I ventured to the city only to enter a world of twinks, bears and masc for masc profiles who were very particular with their needs.

There was major confusion as to what I was meant to be – as many youths want to identify as something, you can’t just make up who you are can you? That just wasn’t on the cards.

But I didn’t have abs to be the hot one, nor did I have body hair to be an otter, but what I learned was much more important – a sense of identity.

From this day I stood to believe that stereotypes were not for me – and knowing that other young individuals were experiencing the same issue was appealing to me.

Finally in Sydney - Jordan Hubbard
Finally in Sydney – Jordan Hubbard

It gave me a sense of community. But why do we punish ourselves even further when we are a minority already? How can you tell me that just because he is Asian he will not be your life partner? That is what confuses me.

We all need to play a part in this to help others be who they are and not what the perceptions of the LGBTI Community are.

Only then can we work together as a community for full support and love.

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Last Updated on Jan 4, 2018

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