William Stone
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‘I’m gay’

Two very simple words but how a parent receives these words can be anything but simple.

Many parents and families here in New Zealand accept and support their children in their decision of their sexual orientation and I would love to thank these parents for coming to terms with their lgbtq child.


But sadly there are parents who do not accept or cannot support their child, upset parents tend to ‘let go’ of their child physically, mentally, and emotionally allowing their child to end homeless on the streets alone, on the verge of self-harm or potentially suicide.

Even in situations of domestic violent or substance abuse, dropping out of school and facing issues with mental health and well being

My story;
I came out as an openly gay male when I was 15, thankfully my parents of a very close-minded generation accepted me with open arms.

Coming from a very big diverse and masculine family of 6 brothers and 1 sister it was a big wake up call on acceptance and support.

William Stone

At one point of me coming to terms with my self I left school, I was physically bullied throughout high school I was involved in the wrong crowd and got into substance abuse until I found my support network and found my passion of hair and makeup.

What parents need to understand is that their reaction can cause a very big impact on their queer Child’s mental health and wellbeing causing so many issues, all they want is for you to accept them and love them unconditionally, so they can live there best life.

Having a positive school and home environment that accepts them and supports them can make our LGBT youth so much happier allowing them to make the right decisions that will lead them to a healthier adulthood.

Our queer youth need to feel socially, physically and emotionally safe and supported.

Schools need to encourage respect for all students no matter what racist gender sexuality or religion.

They need to be fully against bullying in all forms and ensure there is a safe haven for the youth to vent in.

Provide teachers with training to provide comfort and the right support for their LGBT students.

William Stone

Parents and families we need to protect and be proud of our LGBT youth.

Talk and listen to your child, make sure there are no boundaries between conversations.

Allowing them to feel comfortable and open up to you.

Provide love and support take time to come to terms with your Childs decision on their sexual orientation.

Stay involved make effort to become educated; there are so many forms of resource in your community and on the internet.

I want to see more educated parents giving support and acceptance towards our LGBT youth.

Its such a big issue here in New Zealand and we need to prevent it, our youth are the next generation.

We all want to feel love and comfort, and they will always love you.

Last Updated on Jan 28, 2018

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