Eamon Mulgrew (Andrew Stubbersfield Photography)
Eamon Mulgrew instagram.com/eamon_95 (Andrew Stubbersfield Photography)
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A local Sydney photographer has come up with the challenge of shooting 30 males in 30 days as part of a new initiative to give local models a chance to shine.

Andrew Stubbersfield has been involved in many photoshoots recently where he is finding so many guys are now wanting shots as part of the social media phenomenon.

30 Male Models in 30 Days will allow both current models and those that have never done it but always wanted to give it a go, a chance to be involved and possibly get some valuable exposure in the process.

Jake Parker (Andrew Stubbersfield Photography)
Jake Parker (Andrew Stubbersfield Photography)

Along with Stubbersfield, Eikon has come on board as official supporter along with Sydney studio complex Image Safari.

Following an initial call for models, those that have been shortlisted will be voted on by the public and from that, the top 30 will be selected to have their day in the sun.

Photographer Andrew Stubbersfield said the concept is a way to give a large number of males some valuable modelling experience.

“In any normal photoshoot we would have one or two guys here for 2 to 3 hours and then come up with a range of shots before picking the money shot,” Stubbersfield explained.

“This way we can get 30 guys in from a whole cross-section of Sydney, get some great shots, build their photoshoot experience and provide lots of exposure for themselves and photography in Sydney.”

Photographer Andrew Stubbersfield
Photographer Andrew Stubbersfield

The competition is open to any males aged 18 – 40, who live in Sydney or who can get to Sydney at short notice for their shoot.

To enter all they need to do is upload one topless shot of themselves and a 30-second video explaining why they would like to be on of the 30 Male Models of Sydney.

“The competition is based in Sydney in the first instance just because of logistics and timing across the venues we would be shooting at,” said Stubbersfield.

“I expect that if the concept goes well that we would love to expand the concept to other cities around Australia, New Zealand and who knows maybe the rest of the world.

Dominik Dogan & Evan Macquart (Andrew Stubbersfield Photography)
Dominik Dogan & Evan Macquart (Andrew Stubbersfield Photography)

The competition is just to have some nice pictures shot in clothes, to get the best effect for media and social media, models will be shot in underwear and some of the shots may be a little sexy.

“It’s really important that those men who enter are comfortable with being shot in underwear as this is where we will get the most appealing shots for social media.”

The competition is now open with entries closing on Friday 5 May 2017. Public voting will be live soon after and it is expected the 30 Male Models in 30 Days Sydney will be shot across the month of June.

To enter and for more information please click here.

Last Updated on Apr 18, 2017

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