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As Snapchat becomes the messaging app of choice for many, a surprising story from the UK where a young man whose ultra-conservative father discovered he was gay on Snapchat is sharing his dad’s heartwarming reaction to the news.

Using another website, Reddit, to reveal the story, 20-year-old Brett said ‘My dad texted me because he saw something “troubling” on Snapchat. I had called myself a f****t in my Snapchat story when I was drunk, and one of my siblings must have showed him. He asked me if it was true that I was gay and I said yes.’

The following day, on Brett’s 20th birthday, an ‘extremely nervous’ Brett received a surprisingly emotional text from his father, who said he was incredibly ‘proud’ of him and loved him more than ever.


snapchat coming out

‘Happy birthday son,’ wrote his father.

‘I love you more than you will ever know and I am so proud of you. I am lucky to have a son like you. Brett, I love you more today than yesterday, we will talk soon.’

Brett was overwhelmed with his dad’s kind words and decided to share the message on Reddit in order to inspire others to come out to their parents.

‘That’s awesome he is so supportive! This gives me the motivation to come out to my conservative dad,’ said one user.

Another man shared: ‘Congrats! That’s so heartwarming. I hope my dad can react the same way. I’m coming out next Friday to him.’

Last Updated on Nov 28, 2015

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