Raúl Castillo, Jonathan Groff, Russell Tovey & Frankie J. Alvarez - Looking HBO
Raúl Castillo, Jonathan Groff, Russell Tovey & Frankie J. Alvarez - Looking HBO
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It was a television series that divided the gay community and only lasted two seasons. But HBO in the US have just finished filming the Looking Movie and it’s set to send off the show in style, or is it?

Series headline star Jonathan Groff has been teasing fans during different interviews over the past month.

The most recent of those was with the Billboard Pop Shop podcast last week where he suggested coming back to film the wrap-up movie has been very emotional.


“We started filming at the very end of October and we are here for another week or so shooting the wrap up movie,” Groff explained.

“It’s been so emotional being back because after the show got cancelled we all had got toether and cried and whatever and to be back has been so much fun and so emotional its hilarious. We are just like crying at every turn its been really entertaining.”

Groff is currently starring in a brand new Boradway Muscial called Hamilton and took a whole month away from New York to film the Looking Finale in San Francisco.

Jonathan Groff as King George III in "Hamilton."
Jonathan Groff as King George III in “Hamilton.”

Asked whether his singing talent, which has gained rave reviews on Broadway, would be on show in the Looking Movie Groff explained, “I do sing in the movie but it does dip into the drunken karaoke style moreso.”

The working title of the two-hour sendoff is “Looking For an Ending” and it finds the gang coming together to celebrate an important milestone.

Several new faces will be joining Patrick, Dom & Co., including cute twentysomething tech savant Jimmy and thirtysomething “muscle bear” Jake.”

According to the Huffington Post, Groff spoke about the film during an on-stage interview earlier this month. He said:

“There’s a lot of sex. I don’t want to say who it was with, but I just shot the most intense sex scene I’ve ever done.”

During the appearance, he also praised the HBO series by saying:

“One of the cool things about ‘Looking’ is that after the first season, a lot of people — shockingly, liberal, open artists in New York and L.A. — said they didn’t know that gay people could have sex while facing each other. The show illuminated intimacy in sex [between men] without being porny or salacious. Those scenes felt very real and true to life. I was excited to do them.”

Groff really enjoyed his time on the series and added:

“Not a day has gone by that I haven’t wept,” he said. “It’s been very emotional [but] great that we get to say goodbye to San Francisco and our characters.”

Before filming the movie, Executive Produce Andrew Haigh spoke to Daily Xtra and said they were very careful not to say this is an end to Looking.

“I never wanted the movie to be a final ending to it, tying up some stories that we feel are important to tidy up,” Haigh said.

“For me it was very important to end Patrick’s (Jonathan Groff) journey throughout the story, that was the most important thing to me.”

The Looking finale movie will air on HBO next year in the US and sure to be shown downunder soon after that.

Last Updated on Nov 29, 2015

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