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Are You A Closet ACT Supporter?

David Seymour will be attending the 2015 Big Gay Out in Auckland this weekend according to his official Facebook page David Seymour. The Post asks “are you a closet ACT Supporter?” and has already received a large amount of both positive and negative feedback including “Looking pretty in pink David!” and “Supporting the gay agenda. . U just lost my vote..”

Are you a closet ACT supporter


According to the New Zealand Electoral Commissions “Official Count Results” The ACT Party received 0.69% of the vote in the 2014 General Election. With the ACT Party currently holding 1 seat in Parliament, thanks to it miraculously winning the electorate vote in Epsom…. Is this a sign of desperation as the Party struggles to find support? or a much needed change of direction for the party?

Either way, all are welcome at the annual Big Gay Out. Looking forward to seeing you their David.


Last Updated on Mar 25, 2015

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