Capitalising A Men’s Casual Cōnundrum

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Strutting down the bustling street of Auckland City in Ray-Ban aviators, a white singlet from Suave, and some classic khaki chinos, I take a deep breath. It is the weekend. The week has been dreary and wet. My rain dance didn’t work. I’ve seen enough black to last a century. Finally, the sun is shining its beautiful perky face. The smell of positivity is in the air, or is that just the smell of fish and oysters? The simple equation heralds into my mind:-

“Sun + weekend + the urge for a drink = The Wharf. “

I chose three things I loved that day.

Men's Casual - Ali in the sleeveless from Suave
Ali in the sleeveless from Suave

The Baby Blue: Baby blue and teal are a hot colour these days, thanks to Tiffany & Co. But on a masculine level, gentleman, it is the new pink. He’s energetic, he’s agile, he’s positive, he’s masculine, he’s cool, he’s athletic; he’s in baby blue. Hell yeah. A little colour never hurt nobody.

Men's Casual - Tom in Inhale Apparel
Tom in Inhale Apparel

The Snapback: Summer is the only time where you can wear snapbacks without looking like you’re a famous celebrity avoiding swarming paparazzi; if and when worn properly. Classic front, retro tilt or all the way back, snapbacks are a summer phenomenon. Men, head over to Inhale Apparel to check out some of their stylish snapbacks to have the ultimate Urban Chic look.

Men's Casual - Hugh in Inhale Apparel, Ali and Tom
Hugh in Inhale Apparel, Ali and Tom

The Sweatpants: Karl Lagerfeld says, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” psh, totally, only IF you don’t include the core four elements when wearing the sweatpants:
1) Size. Lets face it, oversized garments are so 1990s.
2) Quality. No one wants to bend over and rip their pants.
3) Colour. Be adventurous but remember our no more than 3 colour rule.
4) Shoe. Yes to chucks, sports shoes, canvas etc. No crocs, formal shoes or ballet shoes.

PS. Did you know, I love yachts too.


Suave. garments are available at

Inhale Apparel available at

Photography: Katherin Ann-Marie, The Undefined Photography

Last Updated on Feb 28, 2015

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