Phil Claudy
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Competing in the Chattanooga Ironman triathlon, Phil Claudy hopes to raise vital funds for OneOrlando, an organisation which helps the victims and the community of Orlando rebuild following the Pulse Nightclub Shooting.

Seeking donations via his go fund me page, the Economics major at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, says he believes that the Orlando shooting at the Pulse Nightclub drew on fear and hatred as a means to quiet those who also committed to living their lives without fear of discrimination.

Phil ClaudyFalling into a “debilitating and life-threatening depression” as he struggled to come to terms with his own sexuality, the college junior hopes to raise $2,500 for OneOrlando, who aim to restore the spirit of Orlando, reestablish the community as a safe space, and to assist the families and individuals who are struggling to cope with their loss.


Claudy hopes that, with the efforts of OneOrlando, the LGBTI community will not just recover, but become stronger than ever before by the support and continue the push towards equality.

Claudy adds that even after the triathlon, he will “continue to push for equality” fighting for the world in which stigma doesn’t exist, where LGBTI individuals aren’t afraid to be who they are.

“The victims of the Pulse shooting, and others like them,€” provided this confidence for me. They helped me to not be afraid.”

Phil Claudy“They inspired me to be resilient and embrace myself unconditionally. For this, I will always be grateful, and I will move forward, committing my life to honoring those who lost theirs.”

You can support OneOrlando by visiting and making a donation on Claudy’s GoFundMe page

Last Updated on Sep 25, 2016

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